The Catch Behind Unisex Perfumes

unisex perfume

Some people prefer unisex perfumes to the ones that target their gender specifically. Of course, different people can have different options and it is entirely upon you to decide as to which perfume seems to be a best buy for you. However, if you are looking to experiment with unisex perfumes and looking to try them out for the first […]

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The Right Way to Store Perfumes

Ladies Perfumes

Perfumes tend to have a very long shelf life but they often lose their essence before the expiration date arrives. Haven’t you ever discarded an expensive perfume before its expiry date only because it stopped emitting any aroma? This usually happens when you store them incorrectly. Keeping the perfumes in a proper place and a proper way will not only […]

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7 Things You Need To Carry In Your Purse Always

Baugsons creation gold perfume

Stepping out of the house without a purse is nearly impossible. You carry your world in that little piece of fashion, holding it close in ups and downs for comfort. It is much more than just a bag; it is your companion that stays by your side in every situation. Since it is such a close companion, it is important […]

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