Freshen Up This Summer with Highly Perfumed Deodorants

New NB Bleu Deodorant

Gone are the days of age-old spicy overwhelming deodorants that men used to opt for getting rid of sweat stink. These deodorants may seem to be useful initially but as they wear down, the base notes of the deodorant and sweat form together a very pungent smell, which can definitely make everyone run away from you. Such deodorants have very […]

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Protect Your Clothes from Deodorant Staining

Sprint Deodorant Body Spray

At the end of the day, when you find your clothes with weird looking yellow grey stain marks, it can put off your mood pretty badly. People who use deodorants often find themselves with such stains. Around underarms, back and under the neck or wherever you sprayed the deodorant, you can find these stains. Such stains are not removed easily […]

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Simple Tips to Save Money on Deodorant


The number of deodorant users is increasing day by day. It is easy to use, easily available and comes at a price, which no other perfume can even beat. However, there are times when your pocket does not allow you to purchase your favourite grooming product. No matter what is the reason behind it, you can always look for ways […]

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