How To Make Luxury Body Sprays Last Longer Like Perfumes?

Luxury Body SprayDeodorants are designed to give you aromatic experience in a fraction of the amount charged for the perfumes. Almost every young person uses perfumed body sprays to college, schools, or while hanging out with friends. It is their go-to grooming product, ideal for everyday use and available in their budget. However, even after spending a huge chunk of money on a branded body spray from the top-selling brand, you are not able to get that desired smell or lasting freshness as expected.

If you are facing this issue, these tips will help in making your luxury body spray last longer like a branded perfume,

Always spray on a clean body:

Never spray the perfume on dirty sweaty skin. It will stop the perfume molecules of body spray from going deep into the skin and evaporate faster. Clean your skin with a damp cloth or better, take a bath. It will help you in feeling fresh and enjoying a lasting fragrance. During the morning routine, avoid spraying perfume right after taking a bath. Spray it on after applying moisturiser as your body is ready for more moisture at that time and holds on the perfume molecules well.

Spray from a distance:

Avoid spraying deodorant keeping the nozzle too close to the body. Keep it at least 10 inches away from the body or half arm distance and spray. This trick will help in covering larger space on your skin giving you more coverage with fewer sprays. Also, stick to 3 sprays only for making your deodorant last a bit longer in the bottle as well as on your skin.

Spray on skin and not clothes:

This is one of the biggest mistakes most of the deo users commit on an everyday basis. Spraying the deodorant on the clothes may seem to a terrific way to cover smell coming out of clothes, but this effect is only temporary. The fragrance molecules from body spray will merge with the scent of the clothes and create something completely different from your expectations. Moreover, the perfume molecules tend to evaporate faster on the clothes. So, do yourself a favor and spray it on the skin.

Always buy international body sprays from trusted online stores to get 100% original product. These sprays are loaded with high perfume essence giving you a lasting result. Not just buying a branded scent, using it correctly is also important. Follow all these tips and your deodorant will never evaporate before 4-5 hours.