Why Travel Friendly Perfumes Are Good For College Going Girls?

Colour Me Perfumes

For a college-going girl, her looks and personality are quite important. This is the time when they leave their uniforms behind and have a chance to shine. And perfume can be quite helpful in this. Worrying about the bad body odour is something no girl wants to do. A nice perfume not only makes you feel good but makes your […]

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Why You Should Try Indian Made Perfumes?

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The new age of Indian youth is all about new-age fragrances. They want to smell different from everyone around them no matter which brand they have to use. However, buying international perfumes offering this quality comes with its own restrictions. They are not excessively available in India and the cost is quite high. If this has been stopping you from […]

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7 Things You Need To Carry In Your Purse Always

Baugsons creation gold perfume

Stepping out of the house without a purse is nearly impossible. You carry your world in that little piece of fashion, holding it close in ups and downs for comfort. It is much more than just a bag; it is your companion that stays by your side in every situation. Since it is such a close companion, it is important […]

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Guide for Layering Male Fragrance: Use Wisely

Luxury Body Spray

Fragrance layering is one of the most vital aspects of using a perfume or cologne. Right use of the perfume impacts positively and people around you start appreciating your scented presence.¬† Minimum use of the scent may get unnoticed and overdoing may result repulsive than captivating‚Ķso learning the art of layering fragrance helps a lot. Layering starts from shower Fragrance […]

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