Guide for Layering Male Fragrance: Use Wisely

Fragrance layering is one of the most vital aspects of using a perfume or cologne. Right use of the perfume impacts positively and people around you start appreciating your scented presence.  Minimum use of the scent may get unnoticed and overdoing may result repulsive than captivating…so learning the art of layering fragrance helps a lot.

Layering starts from shower

Fragrance stays better on moist body. It is always prescribed that you should apply perfume or cologne on hydrated and wet skin. The simple formula is, according to Kelly Gaskins fragrance expert, use the cologne or body spray immediately after showering. Use a mild shower gel so that the gel’s smell does not overpower your deo’s smell”. Effect would be better if you use the shower gel with similar family of fragrance. For example, if you want to use Emper Urban Man Body Spray 200ml, you may use a body wash gel with lemon or lavender or vetiver flavor as the deo contains these flavors as top, middle, and base notes, respectively.

Layering should be done with same family

The effect of fragrance layering gets heightened when you use the perfumes from same family.  If you want to enjoy layering with Emper deodorant for Men, you should use a body spray of same note and same fragrance type. In terms of longevity and silage, layering with same family of fragrance procures better result.

Work on long lasting fragrances

According to perfume experts, woody fragrances sit better on skin and that suits a man’s manly personality to a large extent”. But the likings for fragrance are a matter of personal discretion. If you have already bought Emper body spray 200ml, you can try using a lavender body mist and body wash. This will help you to retain the smell in your body and around for longer time. However, there is a red herring too! According to some perfume expert, “the ability of layering scent is all about including and integrating the right scents into other facet of your beauty schedule to make the perfume work better for you or to alter your perfume in unique ways for intensified impact”.

Remember the seasons and the occasion

No matter if you in your regular office work or you are in a board meeting; if the season is summer, you should not take any chance to intensify your fragrance effect, Rather more sublime it will be , it will be soothing more.  Similarly for a summer time evening party the smells like citrus, wood, spice adds a little boldness but layering should never be attempted in a way that destroys the calming effect of these refreshing smells.

This is all about fragrance layering. It is an art of exploring a Fragrance in its new face. Therefore it is wide to use the skill with knowledge of perfection. As skillful fragrance layering can snitch the spotlight of a get-together, similarly, an unskilled attempt to fragrance layer can be equally distasteful. Restrict and discretion are the buzz words of fragrance layering.