Protect Your Clothes from Deodorant Staining

Sprint Deodorant Body Spray

At the end of the day, when you find your clothes with weird looking yellow grey stain marks, it can put off your mood pretty badly. People who use deodorants often find themselves with such stains. Around underarms, back and under the neck or wherever you sprayed the deodorant, you can find these stains. Such stains are not removed easily […]

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Guide for Layering Male Fragrance: Use Wisely

Luxury Body Spray

Fragrance layering is one of the most vital aspects of using a perfume or cologne. Right use of the perfume impacts positively and people around you start appreciating your scented presence.  Minimum use of the scent may get unnoticed and overdoing may result repulsive than captivating…so learning the art of layering fragrance helps a lot. Layering starts from shower Fragrance […]

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