Super Strong Deodorants: Are They Any Good?

Deodorants have become the need of the hour. People across the globe have become addicted to them. Most of them are unable to step out of the house without spraying them on. With the ad campaigns running around, a common person is fed with content like he or she will be judged if they do not wear deodorants. If you go to the gym, it is a must, if you are engaging into active lifestyle or sports, it is necessary and if you are a lazy person who does not feel like taking bath every day, it is your saviour.

Partner in everyday grooming

It has become a very essential part of our day to day grooming, no matter if you are a man or a woman. Some of us apply them right after taking bath or carry it in the bag for a quick refresh whenever we require. Deodorants are so affordable that you can keep several of them, trying a new fragrance every day.

As the name suggests, deodorants are made to hide or cover your bad body odour. The smell of sweat can be quit annoying. When you eat certain food products, this smell can get worse, which is why some people have that weird smell in their sweat while others don’t smell that bad. By applying deodorants, you can eradicate this sweaty smell. For people who sweat a lot in certain conditions, deodorants are nothing less than a boon.

Which deodorant should you pick?

There are various brands selling deodorants for men and women, each claiming to be better than the rest, but which one is actually good?

It is a general notion that strong deodorants are better than others are. The strong smell of spices, aquatic notes, citruses and musk are one of the most popular one in deodorants. They cover up the body odour but the strong smell can be a bit nauseating for others. you are habitual of your deodorant fragrance and might not notice it, but strong smelling ones often put others off.

What they show in advertisements is totally fake. It will not help you in attracting girls or boys let alone an entire army running to get your attention. The strong smell of deodorants mixed with sweat odour can become too overpowering in certain conditions. Especially during summer months, you should avoid such deodorants.

Make sure to pick deodorant fragrances, which are fresh and citrusy in notes and not very strong. These gel well with the summer months while hiding the bad odour with its refreshing notes. They are not easily altered in the summer heat too. So whether you want to buy Deodorant  for Men or women, make sure to choose something that smells good on you and not just in the bottle.