A Simple Guide for Selection of Perfume Types

Buying a new perfume is always overwhelming with all the options available. There are tons of brands selling hundreds and thousands of perfumes, each being different from the other in one way or the other. Some are amazing; some are not while the others survive just fine. Some are said to have high perfume concentration while the other has less of it. However, without understanding the terms and types of perfumes, it is always difficult for one to buy the right one. To help you in your search of the ideal scent, we have here a simple guide to various types of perfume.


Parfum is one of the purest forms of fragrance. It contains the highest fragrance essence concentration giving you the ultimate fragrance experience. With about 15-40% fragrance essence concentration, this perfume will make you fall for it. The fragrance sillage is amazing and the lasting is beyond what you can ask for. Perfumes with 15-40% perfume essence concentration can go on and on for more than 10 hours. The essence concentration is different with each brand so make sure to ask for the percentage while buying one. This one is a bit expensive though.

Eau de Parfum:

This one comes right after parfum and has a fragrance concentration of about 15-20% in an alcohol base or non-alcoholic base. This one has a lasting of about 6-8 hours, which varies with different brands. A vast number of perfumes, especially the women perfume brands are Eau de parfum or EDP. This one is also a bit expensive as compared to the rest of the perfume types.

Eau de Toilette:

Eau de Toilette or EDT has a perfume essence concentration of about 5-15% varying with brands. It is slightly affordable as compared to parfum and Eau de parfum. Most of the men’s perfumes have this type. It gives a lasting of about 4-6 hours with decent sillage. Due to their lesser concentration, these are ideal for day time.

Eau de Cologne & Eau Fraiche:

Both these categories have the least perfume essence concentration. Eau de cologne has 2-4% while Eau de fraiche has 1-3%. A wide range of everyday perfume for men falls into this category. These two has a lasting ranging from 1-2 hours. They are available in large bottles and you will have to use more perfume as compared to other variants. If you are looking for a perfume for evening and night time, go with Eau de parfum and parfum as they are intense and can survive for long. Eau de toilette, eau de cologne and Eau fraiche are best for day time use however, exceptions are there with various brands. All the perfume brands mention the type of perfume on the bottle as well as the packaging hence, you can decide yourself which type you should get according to your requirement. This will help you to be clear about what to expect from the perfume while buying online luxury brands women perfume. Use this guide and it will be much easier for you to know your perfumes before buying them.