Beginners Guide to Perfume Storage

When it comes to perfume, often people limit their knowledge to how to wear it for the best effect. But it is about storing a perfume, most of them are clueless. Almost half of the perfumes used all around the world die in storage, mostly due to the common mistakes a person makes for keeping the scent. All the brands tell the buyers to store their fragrances in cool and dark places, yet many of us simply ignore this simple guideline.

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Storing the perfume in the wrong way can damage it completely. You will start noticing a change of colour leading to the change of smell after some time. After investing a good sum on international perfume like Active Man Perfume, this is the last thing you want for your scent. If you wish to save your perfume from being damaged in storage, here are some simple yet effective tips that will come in handy for you.

Don’t Keep it in the Bathroom:

Are you someone who loves to keep his or her scents in the bathroom? It is surely a quick way to get ready every morning, but in the long run, it can impact your scent severely. Every bathroom is warm and damp, number one killer of the scent notes. There is a reason why brands ask you to store them in cool places. Heat and moisture can damage the composition of the perfume, so keep it outside the bathroom for best results.

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Never keep your perfume in direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun along with heat will damage the molecules of fragrance denaturing the scent. It will not only affect the smell but also the longevity of the perfume. Apart from it, if there is extreme heat, the bottle of the scent might also develop cracks or leakage. If your dresser gets ample sunlight or you have the habit of keeping perfume in the car dashboard or on top of it, better to avoid.

Dark and Cool is the Way to Do It:

Always store your perfumes in the dark away from sunlight. This will protect the molecules of the fragrance from reacting with the light and heat lasting for a very long time. People in middle ages used to keep their scents in special boxes, which added to their life. You can do it as well or simply place the Chris Adams perfume Active Man in a cupboard.

Keep it Upright:

Even if you have several perfumes, always store them in an upright condition. This helps in preventing any case of leakage or accidental breaking of the spray nozzle. You can dedicate a section of a cupboard or your dresser drawer for all your fragrances storing them in dark and upright position.

A perfume is a very delicate thing, which can be damaged easily with just a slight mistake. Keep these simple things in mind, follow the brand’s suggestion for storing the scent and you will enjoy amazing perfume with long-lasting effect, always.