Common Perfume FAQs That You Need to Know

It is normal for a person to have certain questions in mind whenever he or she steps out to shop perfumes. A fragrance is a very intimate thing and needs to match with your personality to give you the best results. If the fragrance does not suit your pheromones, it might cause a headache and give off a very unpleasant fragrance. Henceforth, instead of spending a huge chunk of money on an unwanted bottle of fragrance, you should understand the world of fragrance better. To help you in getting a better understanding, we are here with some handpicked frequently asked questions, also known as Perfume FAQs that will provide the answer to some of your queries!

Perfume Booth

What are unboxed perfumes?

Unboxed perfumes are the fragrances that do not have the original outer packaging or the box. Due to some reason such as weather conditions, transit or shipping, packing or printing, the outer box has certain damages which prohibit the seller from using it. However, the inner bottle of the perfume is completely safe and filled with the actual perfume just like the rest of the boxed fragrances. These kinds of perfumes are marked at a much lower price, and you can save tons on them. However, you must make sure to buy original unboxed perfumes from certified sellers or company retailers only.

What are fragrance testers?

Fragrance testers are small vials or mini perfumes, which contain the original perfume as the name mentioned on it, except the fancy packaging or the boxing. These are provided by the retailers or online perfume sellers to customers at a nominal price so that they can experience perfume before spending money on the full-size bottle.

What is the shelf life or expiry date of a perfume?

Although there is no expiry date of a good perfume, due to government mandates, the manufacturers have to put a date on it from the period after opening the bottle. It is given or takes 3-5 years varying from one brand to another. However, one should not throw away the perfume right after the expiration date is over, it will keep giving you a fantastic fragrance.

How should you store the perfumes?

Due to its delicate composition, perfumes are vulnerable to damaging its molecules and scent if it is exposed to air, humidity, high temperatures and sun. Storing perfume properly can actually increase its shelf life. To add years to the perfume’s shelf life maintaining its sillage and longevity with fragrance, you need to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If you have a radiator in the room, make sure never to keep the fragrance bottles around it. You should avoid keeping fragrances and deodorants in the bathroom as well since it is quite hot and humid. After using the scent, make sure to place the cap back on the fragrance bottle. Leaving the lid off will expose it to the air, and it will evaporate in no time.

These FAQs will help you to understand fragrances a little better, which can also come in handy while shopping for one. A well-informed buyer is a smart buyer!