Everything Need To Know About Pure Perfume

pure perfumeNew to the perfume industry or just started to get into fragrances. Or do you know the difference between the most available perfumes oils (essential oils) or pure oil perfumes? No worries either way as we have got you covered. If you don’t know we’ll guide you through the process or if you know about them already then we will provide you with more essential information like how can you use them so that they can last long.

We at Perfume Booth believe that the perfumes oils are for everyone and not only for a particular country or a particular gender. We believe in providing the perfumes at an affordable price and we make sure that you get your hands on every finest perfume in the world. Whenever we hear perfumes we think about France as it is known for its scents and who don’t remember Coco-Chanel’s  opinion or we can say a tip about perfumes- ‘ A woman should wear perfume in her body where she would like to be kissed’. We Indians are not aware of the fragrance industry even though we use it every day.

What are pure perfume oil?

Pure perfume oil contain no alcohol and they are stronger than the Eau de perfumes or Eau de toilettes. You should always avoid using them into the skin and use the spritzing. The result of the fragrance lasts longer than the usual fragrance.

How to apply pure perfume oil-

  • There are so many ways one can apply pure perfume oils and we already know the traditional way of applying it where we apply the fragrance on the clothes and take one or two drops of perfume on the palm of the hand and apply/rub that on the wrist and both sides of one’s neck or behind your earlobes to make it smell fresh.
  • If by mistake you have applied the large number of pure oils then you can use a wet wipe to wipe the extra amount and add a perfume on top of that to sweeten the fragrance a little and not make it overwhelming.
  • In case you are facing any rash or itching you can stop using them immediately and wash with the soap or water. Consult a professional if required.
  • We often hear the phrase ‘apply fragrance on the pulse points’ as these are the parts where blood vessels are closest and help fragrance emanate from the air and help it last longer (Pulse points- Inner wrists, behind ear lobes, behind knees, etc.).

Perfuming pure oil to the Hair-

  • Every woman likes the fresh smell in their hair and makes them feel more confident and as the hairs are very important for every woman in the world its always great to add on a little bit of fragrance to the hair.
  • But be careful and only apply the fragrance to the freshly washed hairs and or else the natural oils from the hair will affect the odor.
  • Like most of the fragrance pure oil doesn’t contain alcohol but just to be on the safer side always apply it through sparingly or from distance of 8 inches away to reduce the chances of damage.

How to make pure oil fragrance last longer-

  • Apply it on top of the fragrance-free moisturizer as applying it on dry skin will make it fade faster.
  • Apply petroleum jelly and then fragrance on top of it and it will cling onto the petroleum jelly.

How to remove the pure oil fragrance from skin-

  • Use cotton balls or either wet wipes to wipe away the extra product on the skin.
  • Make a paste with the help of baking soda or warm water equally proportioned and rub it onto the skin.
  • You can also use white vinegar or olive oil to remove the string fragrance from the body.