Everything You Should Know About Unisex Perfumes

Royale PerfumeOne of the most popular perfume ranges, unisex is making a huge wave. For those who want something different, unisex offers great choices. It is also perfect for those who like perfumes of the opposite gender. In case you are still feeling unsure, this will help in making your mind.

What Is A Unisex Scent?

A unisex scent is a gender-neutral fragrance. When you take a sniff of the scent, it should not feel gender specific. The aroma is neither too floral nor too woody for the senses. There will be a complex blend of scents pleasing to the senses. Such a scent is considered unisex. According to the perfume experts, every perfume is unisex. It is the society and norms created by a civilization that deems a perfume manly or womanly. Perfumers these days are trying to change this with new scents. You can try these if you are looking for something refreshing.

What Perfume Notes Family Is Considered Unisex?

Although all naturally occurring fragrance notes are unisex, societal norms are always there. All the old and classic perfumes had floral notes in them and were used by both men and women. However, with the changing trends and societal norms, unisex scents have changed as well. If you are looking for a nice perfume in the unisex range, here are some notes which you can consider,

Citruses Notes:

The citrusy tangy aroma of herbs and fruits is one of the most loved scents in the world. It is the universal classic aroma that suits men as well as women. You can look for notes of oranges, lemon, bergamot, and lime. Herbs and spices with tangy flavour are also good such as ginger, cardamom, and lemongrass. You can try fragrances with a citrusy and woody combination such as Royale perfume.

Aquatic Notes:

Another immensely popular unisex note category is aquatic notes. Representing water, sea, and beaches, this fragrance note is all about freshness. Look for water-based notes such as seawater, marine, and sea salt. Water flowers like waterlily and lotus are also part of this category. Apart from these, you can also try mint, peppermint, and such fresh notes. One of the best perfumes in this category is #AquaCool by Perfumer’s club.

Are There Indian Brands With Unisex Fragrances?

With the increasing demand for unisex scents, many Indian brands have also started providing these. Brands like Perfumer’s club have a wide range of unisex scents. You can get one for every season and mood with this brand. Unisex perfumes have a unique aroma. They can be used by everyone, whether you are a man or a woman.So, if you are buying the perfume for your wife, you can use it as well. This particular quality makes it perfect as a couple’s gift.

You can get them for anniversary or wedding presents. There are stylish gift boxes with unisex options available in online perfume stores. Someone bored of their regular perfume must try this type of fragrance. The divine aroma of gender-neutral fragrance will make you fall in love with your personality.