Guide To Preserve An Open Bottle Of Perfume

luxury perfumeOnce opened, a perfume bottle has a limited lasting. This might sound like a surprise to you but yes, everything has an expiry date whether it is mentioned on the packaging or not. Perfumes are preserved until the bottle is sealed as it is safe from all kinds of external factors such as air exposure. Once the bottle is opened, the perfume is exposed to air and the perfume can go off. You might not be able to notice it instantly, but the subtle signs that the perfume is not as sharp as it was when you first opened it for the first time.To help you in preserving the perfume for a long time, here is an easy guide approved by the experts,

Keep them in boxes:

This trick is meant for clear glass bottles of perfume. Exposure to the light for a long time can make the perfume go off. If your luxury perfume bottle is not tinted and is in a clear glass bottle, you should keep them in the original packaging in which they came in. If you have a cupboard or separate drawer for perfumes where they can be kept upright in dark, you can avoid this, but it is a good way to keep the perfume safe.

Make room for them in the fridge:

If you have spent money on a high-end international perfume, you should keep it in a safer place that is cool, dry, and dark such as a refrigerator.  This will prevent the perfume molecules from breaking down and damaging the fragrance.

Replace the cap as soon as you finish using:

One of the biggest mistakes many fragrance users make is leaving the cap of the perfume off for a long time. This can expose the fragrance essential oils to air damaging the molecules further. So, to avoid it replace the cap right after using it and not leaving it off for more than 10 seconds.

When investing so much in online luxury perfume you should be prepared to keep it in proper condition. Keep the cap closed when the perfume is not in use, never expose it to too much light or sunlight, store it in cool and dark places away from humidity. This will help in making your perfumes last for a very long period and enjoy the perfume as it was when you opened it for the first time.