How To Find Your Signature Perfume?

Branded PerfumeYou might try and wear as many scents you wish, but the way a signature scent brings out your personality, becoming your second identity, no other scent can do it this way. A signature perfume is the statement scent which is as unique as your personality is. No one around you uses it hence it reflects your personality becoming an extension of your style and persona. Whenever someone takes a whiff of the scent, they should be instantly reminded of you. However, it is not an easy task to find that one perfume that smells marvellous on you, suits your body pheromones,and becomes a part of your personality like a second skin. If you are seeking one such perfume, here are some tips that might come in handy while searching one,

Always Go For Brands To Have Signature Perfumes:

Unlike the local fragrances, top brands try to make sure that every fragrance they have stays in the market for a longer period. So to ensure that the perfume you have selected as your signature scent is available in the market every time you finish the bottle, it is important to get something likely to stay in the market. It is always safe to buy branded perfume for a signature scent. As the local brands and the perfumes that are season tend to be available only for a short period leaving you with no signature scent.

A Perfume That Suits Your Pheromones:

An ideal signature scent is the one that matches your pheromones, the scent released by your body. Just like your fingerprints, pheromones are also unique and works exceptionally with different people. A perfect perfume is the one that matches the pheromones and enhances your mood. No matter if you are fresh and ecstatic or feeling tired at the end of the day, it should be coordinated with the pheromones. Before buying the perfume, try it on your skin without applying any product for at least a day. This will help you in finding the right perfume which always smells marvelous and is worthy of being your signature scent.

Suitable For Every Season:

Another trait of a signature scent is the fact that they are suitable for every season, every mood, and time of the day. No matter if you are using the perfume during the day or night, in the summer months or winters, it should be prominent and smell amazing on you. To have this, try to buy a top international perfume which has aroma suitable for every mood and season. Apart from this, you can always layer the perfume with some other perfume to enhance the aroma or to add the desired scent to it.

In these times of online shopping, you can easily purchase a signature scent on perfume stores. Place order for the trial packs or tester packs, get them delivered to your home, and use them one a day to find out which one suits you best. This will not only save you the effort and time taken for visiting the local store to try the perfume but will make it easy to test them under every circumstance.