How To Know If Your Perfume Is Long-Lasting?

PerfumesA good perfume can always make you smell marvellous. However, finding that right one is not always easy. You go through so many scents, waste your money on them before you end up with the best one. Finding that ideal perfume is not as difficult as rocket science, all you need is some help from perfume experts. We have curated some simple yet smart tips that will help you in finding that one ideal scent which is long-lasting, aromatic, and vibrant. Read them and your perfume game will change forever.

Understand The Composition:

Even if the scent is similar, two perfumes can be a lot different from each other. You need to understand this simple fact which is mentioned on almost all the perfumes that are sold in the market. Their composition is mentioned on the packaging itself in simple terms like Eau de toilette, Eau de cologne, Eau de parfum, parfum, parfum extract and so on. This terminology is used by the perfume industry to depict the concentration of perfume essence in the fragrance bottle.

One brand can sell similar scent in different concentrations, with the same packaging, hence you need to read what is written on the package. Bleu de Chanel is one example of a perfume that is available in Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum, both having identical packaging. Read, ask the seller, go through the description to know the composition of the perfumes. If you are not aware of this, Eau de parfum and parfum havethe highest fragrance essence mixed in the base while Eau de toilette has about 5-10% and Eau de cologne has 2-5%. The higher the essence, the lasting results it will offer.

Find Out The Notes:

Some perfumes are designed to give lighter aroma such as the summer daytime perfumes with fruity, floral essences, light sweet gourmand ones, and citrusy ones. These perfumes will not be able to give you a perfume longer than 4-6 hours only if the essence concentration is higher. However,the scents that are created for evening time or night can stay on you for a longer period delivering aroma for more than 8 hours with high concentration. Henceforth, if you want a lasting scent, try to invest in more intense aromas like woody notes, leather, spices, strong flowers, oriental notes, resins, and so on. Even while buying scents for daytime, you can go for the scents that have intense notes in the base to attain these results.

Try A Sample:

If you are not sure between two perfumes about their lasting, it is always best to do a sample test. Spray the perfume once on each wrist (one wrist one perfume) and go by your day, without washing your hands of course. At the end of the day, whichever perfume is still aromatic on your skin is your pick. You can find samples and testers for about every international perfume online in India so get one before buying the full-size scent bottle. Not just the lasting, but you can also know how the perfume behaves in different ambiance and temperature, which is the best time of the day to use it and your skin conditions for making it last longer. You can always save money by getting a sample instead of directly buying the full-size perfume and regretting it later.

Ask Around:

This is where perfume bloggers, review websites and vloggers come into play. They can tell you about the qualities and things to keep in mind while buying perfume along with its lasting results. You should always avoid asking about the perfume from the sales representative as they will call every perfume available as the bestone, they got so asking them is equivalent to getting confused. Do your research, ask around in your circle and trust your instinct for that matter. If you are not sure about it yet, go back to getting the samples and testing it yourself.

Ask People Around You:

This tip comes into play when you get a remarkably goodluxury perfume and you are still not able to get the scent, but someone comes to you and compliments you on your aroma. This can be caused due to Nose Fatigue, a common phenomenon where your olfactory senses simply ignore the scent you have on you and you spray it every day. Just go to any of your friends, your girlfriend, wife, or any colleague and ask them if they can get a whiff of scent from you. Switching a perfume every week or month can be of immense help here.

All these tips come from top-notch perfume experts; hence you can rely on them. Keep them in your mind, do a little research, get the sample and you will never have to waste your money on inferior quality scents.