How To Wear Perfume Avoiding Common Mistakes?

Wearing perfume sounds so easy. A little spray here, a little spray there and you are all done. What else is there to these little bottle filled with wonderful fragrances. If you are someone who thinks like this, then you are utterly wrong and you need an update to those facts. Wearing perfume consists of much more than just spraying. Where you are applying it, what kind of perfume you are using and how you store them also play a major role in how your perfume will smell on you.

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Learning from experts from all around the world, we are here with some of the most common mistakes people do while wearing their perfume and even storing them sometimes. After going through all these, you will be able to use your fragrance bottle like a pro, helping others to make most of that Mural De Ruitz H Factor Eau De Parfum for Women for a long-lasting effect.

Just Spray, Never Rub a Perfume:

This is something we all have done it and some of us are still doing it. It may seem like a very innocent minor thing to do, but rubbing a perfume after spraying it on your skin can kill the fragrance molecules, distorting the scent permanently. Every perfume has three layers, which opens up as the perfume hits your skin revealing each layer one by one as the time passes by.

If you will rub the perfume after spraying, it will provide it additional heat and friction causing the layers to get mixed up. This is probably the reason why the perfumes do not smell as amazing as they were on testers in the store. Allow your perfume to absorb into your skin naturally, instead of rubbing. If it is taking too much time to evaporate, you can pat it dry, but gently.

Don’t Spray Too Much:

This is a cardinal rule when it comes to perfumes. Over spraying is for deodorants but when it comes to perfumes, stick to one or two sprays only. There is a reason why it comes in such a little quantity and not in a 250ml bottle. Using too much perfume is also not a good personality trait and shows you in a bad light in front of others. Consider it like alcohol, a little give you confidence but a lot makes you look needy and a wreck. Spray it on your pulse points on the skin for best results.

Finish It Up Soon:

Some of us are habitual of collecting too many perfumes and keeping them like prized trophies on a dresser table. Buy 2-3 fragrances to the max, having one for each time of the day and special occasions at a single point of time and finish them in that season only. Some say that perfumes do not have an expiry date, but when it comes in contact with the air and light several times in a day or while lying on your dresser table, it affects the composition and ultimately the fragrance inside. So use up your H Factor Eau De Parfum on time. Keeping all these points in mind, you can get one of the best fragrance experience ever had. Use them right, store them well and it will keep delivering an amazing scent for a long time.