Know Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Perfume

Bomb Shell PerfumeAs easy as it may seem to use a perfume, there is science and tricks behind a lasting aroma. From the celebrities to the girl in your office who always smell amazing, these tricks are used by them all. A fragrance takes much more than merely spraying it all over your body and clothes. If you have been doing it and you expect it to last all day, well, it is time to avoid these common mistakes. There are not one but many mistakes we make daily while using a perfume. From spraying it to the wrong place to over-spraying, there are many innocent mistakes. Here are some you must avoid,

Spraying On Dirty Skin:

One of the common mistakes is spraying the perfume on dirty skin. This can prevent the perfume from getting absorbed into your skin. The fragrance will evaporate fast due to this and will not last long. Moreover, the dust on the skin will also affect the aroma of the perfume. Your perfume will not smell as vivid and aromatic as it is in the bottle. You must clean your skin either by taking bath or using a wet towel. This will prevent all these issues.

Buying The Wrong Type Of Perfume:

While buying a perfume we expect it to work magically on us. Yet, some of the fragrances are not able to last long. This can be because of the type of perfume. Some perfume types like EDC and EDT have higher alcohol levels making perfume evaporate fast. You need perfumes like #Bomshell Eau de parfum for women with high essence concentration. Get them for a lasting aroma. You can also try perfume oils for a lasting effect.

Rubbing The Skin After Spraying Perfume:

If you have a habit of rubbing your wrists or skin after spraying perfume, stop doing it. Rubbing the perfume molecules can break them and release the fragrance unduly. Every fragrance has three layers, each having its own time of release. This keeps the longevity and fragrance aroma. Let your perfume dry naturally settling in the skin. If it takes too long, pat it gently to absorb.

To get the most out of your perfumes, you must use them properly. Spraying a perfume does not include rocket science. All you need to do is follow the right way of application. This can easily become a part of your everyday life and does not require added work. Follow the above given tips to use the fragrance properly. Apart from doing this, it is also best to invest in excellent quality perfume for girls. We often buy cheap perfumes and expect them to work magically.

Cheap fragrances have less perfume essence and more alcohol. It speeds the evaporation giving you a blast of aroma but disappearing from your skin fast. Explore brands like Perfumer’s Club offering good perfumes at affordable prices. These Indian brands are worth trying. Try the following tips and you will see the difference in no time. Make your perfume more enjoyable to be the most popular girl in the neighbourhood.