Latest Lomani Perfumes That You Need To Try In Winter

A nice perfume can not only make your senses feel relaxed, but it also helps in making you shine. When you apply a new scent, everyone around notices this change in you. It can be a nice conversation starter as well as if the fragrance is unique.

But for having all this, you need a nice winter perfume. Since the weather is changing and mercury is dipping, your summer fragrance will not last long. You need something stronger and more vivid to last in the cold temperature. And the Lomani brand has the best options for you!

Trending Lomani Perfumes For Winter:-

Lomani Code Man Eau De Toilette:

This is a sensuous perfume designed for the evenings and daytime use in winter. Filled with the freshness of citruses at the top and spices at heart, this perfume adds a comforting touch. Enjoy the warmth of nutmeg, and oud with musk, teck, amber, and tonka bean. It gives you a perfect combination of woody, earthy notes with spicy citruses. Spray it twice for a lasting aroma.

Lomani Sensual Paris Eau De Parfum For Women:

One of the most popular Lomani perfumes for women, Sensual is best for the winter months. This perfume has a feminine aroma with fougere notes. Following it there are jasmine, lily, and spice notes at the heart with ylang-ylang. At the base, you will find the classic aroma of sandalwood, cedarwood, and vanilla.

Lomani Cigar Blue Label Edt For Men:

If you have tried and loved Lomani Cigar perfume, you will love this one too. Taking the deep and rich woody notes a step ahead, this perfume has a touch of floral accords. Here are lavender, orange blossom with plum and geranium. While musk makes it sensuous for the senses, oud adds that rich flavour at the base. This perfume is good for daytime use in the winter months.

Why Do You Need A Special Perfume In The Winter Season?

Often people question why one needs a special winter perfume? Or why can’t I keep on using the one I have already? Well, it is quite simple. During the summer months, your skin is exposed or covered with a single layer of cloth. Any perfume you apply will evaporate and spread around easily. Even the gentlest perfume will make you smell amazing.

However, during the winter months, there are many layers of clothes. Also, the temperature is a bit low making it difficult for perfume molecules to evaporate. If you apply light fragrances, they will not be able to spread around. So, you need stronger perfumes to smell amazing for a longer period. Hence it is better to switch to winter perfumes.

Where Should I Buy Lomani Perfumes From?

If you are looking for a discount on Lomani perfumes, online fragrance stores are the best place for that. In stores like Perfume Booth, you can buy 100% original international perfumes at low prices. These stores not only give discounts, but you can buy mini perfumes. These tiny bottles are perfect for travellers and professionals. Get your next best Lomani perfume now at discounted prices online.