Mazculine perfume Selfie selling the new boy thing!

Do you remember the experience when the last time you smelled him deeply and mesmerized with the fragrance?  Fashion fades away but perfume grows its way. Perfume has the power to create most intense and deep memories. Men perfume are always more strong, dense and dark. Wide in number and range they are very expensive and catchy at times. If you are also in the middle of selecting a good men’s perfume for yourself or your special one’s birthday then here I am suggesting you a great new way to invest on the right product.

A new company named had came up with perfume Selfie concept where you can choose from seven different international branded testers of perfume packed in a beautiful cylindrical box. Perfume Selfie for men is available in two other packs named Wyld and Cazanova. Today I will tell you about the variants you will get in Perfume Selfie Mazculine Men box.

If you go to the official site of, you will find Mazculine perfume Selfie range and the details about it. The selfies cost 475Rs on a whole and comes with exiting offers and deals inside. With each Selfie you will avail a 501 voucher free which you can redeem in your next purchase of 100ml perfume bottle. There are seven 4ml testers that are proven to give at least 30 sprays at a time. So in a whole you are getting 28ml of perfume in one Selfie box.

The Mazculine perfume Selfie cylindrical box contains the following perfumes from different international brands-

  1. Presidente from the brand Emper

This perfume gives you anti perspiring protection with a long lasting fragrance. Spray it on and stay afresh. The brand has been creating enthralling perfumes and body sprays, by using the extracts of distinct ingredients. Use it during workouts and hot summer outdoors.

  1. Active Man from Chris Adams

This comes with Top notes of citruses, bergamot and azonic notes; middle notes are floral notes, lavender, rose and jasmine; base notes are sandalwood, cedar and musk. Very natural smelling perfume for your everyday outdoors.


  1. Creation Intense Noir from brand Creation

Belonging to the fragrance family woody the fragrance is strong and milting, it is inculpated with Lime, Caviar, Pepper, Ginger, Passion fruit in its top note and base notes of Amber, Leather, Woodsy notes. The nightlife scent is here, for the cosmopolitan young man who knows how to use the tools of seduction.


  1. My Status of Maryaj

A luxury French essence of sophisticated citrus made tangier with pink pepper and orange flower is complemented with a spicy heart note of cardamom and lavender, while woody notes of patchouli, cedar and sandalwood constitute the base.


  1. London from English Blazer

It leaves a remarkably classic scent Fragrance of strong lavender, lily and vibrating dry woods, topped with sandalwood and patchouli is what the scent smells like. The scent is blended with citruses and woody notes; this alluring scent belongs to fresh family. A must try scent from my side, to get the taste of royal fragrance sprayed on your best dress, of the best day.


  1. Credible Homme from Louis Cardin

Credible is a fresh green orange masculine scent with a touch of rose, jasmine, sandal and musk. It lasts long and leaves a soothing fragrance throughout.


  1. Lomani Essential of Lomani

Very flamboyant and vibrant, top notes are bergamot, green notes, lavender, licorice and fruity notes; middle notes are lilac and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are woody notes, patchouli, sandalwood, Tonka bean, musk and vanilla. It forms a cloud around you.

All the perfumes last for around nine hrs, very nice quality for the skin and also don’t leave any mark on the shirts and tops. Choose your favorite sample and use the Perfumes Coupons Code to redeem on your next purchase, an easy and pocket friendly way to settle gifts for your special one!