Perfume Mistakes That You Are Making

Best Unisex PerfumesEvery single day when we use perfume or store it, we tend to commit a few mistakes. No matter how little as it may seem, these minor perfume mistakes can affect the fragrance of your scent. It can make the perfume evaporate faster, dilute its scent as well as reduce the life of your perfume. When you are in a hurry or getting late, these mistakes can seem innocent but it is better to avoid these if you want to make your fragrance last longer and smell vibrantly vivacious. So to help you in using your perfume perfectly and smell flawless, here are the mistakes that you need to avoid:

Only spraying on wrists: When we apply the perfume, usually few points on the body are targeted and mostly it is your wrist and neck. If you are guilty as charged, try to be versatile in your perfume application. Apply on random two pulse points, changing them every now and then. You can also apply perfume on your hair as well. This will help in keeping your fragrance fresh and vibrant.

Applying perfume on dry skin: This is one of the biggest mistakes all of us have committed at least once in a while. This might seem harmless, but applying unisex perfume on the dry skin can make your perfume evaporate faster. No matter how fabulous your perfume is, it will evaporate in no time. So to make sure that your perfume sticks to the skin, you need to add some moisture to it. Use a good quality moisturiser and slather it up all over your body and spray perfume on the skin. This will help in holding the perfume to your skin and enhance it.

Rubbing the perfume: After spraying the perfume on the skin, we usually rub the perfume to dry it down. However, this can affect the longevity of the perfume. Rubbing the perfume can rupture the perfume molecules, affecting all the layers of the perfume. This reduces the life of the perfume and fragrance. Instead, you should let it dry naturally. If the perfume is taking too long to dry, you can pat it down a little to absorb it into the skin. Rubbing a perfume can destroy even the best unisex perfume.

Storing perfumes in the bathroom: We all love to keep our perfumes and skin care products in the bathroom so that you can use it right after taking a bath along with your cosmetics. This can help in saving a few minutes of your busy lifestyle. But doing this can destroy your perfumes affecting its life as well as fragrance. The hot and humid environment of your bathroom can kill the alcohol and perfume molecules in the perfume bottle. So, it is best to store it in a dark, dry and cool place in your house.

If you want to make your perfume survive in the bottle and on the skin, you need to avoid making all these mistakes. You will see the change in your fragrance significantly after this.