Right Way of Applying Perfume in Summer

Wearing a perfume may seem very easy but it takes much more than just spraying it all over your body. From the selection of the perfume to the exact place where you need to apply it, perfume requires a little bit of work to deliver desired results. You must have experienced that even after applying a perfume from the top-selling brand with amazing reviews you are not able to enjoy it for more than a couple of hours. Or the perfume is not smelling as good as it was doing on your friend. Or it is easily washed away as soon as you start sweating. During the summer season, there are several problems affecting your perfume experience apart from the way you use it. To help you in resolving all these, here are some tried and tested tips by perfume experts,

  • Apply Moisturiser Before Spraying: Many of us skip moisturising part during the summer season, which is an essential part of making your perfume long lasting. Moisturiser gives fragrance essence something to stick on enhancing its life. For the best result, use a non-fragrant moisturiser since it will not alter the scent of your Cascade perfume.
  • Try On Your Skin While Buying: This is something not many are aware that every perfume smells different on different people. Perfume is like a living organism that comes alive only when it hits your skin and merges with pheromones released by your body. Henceforth, always try the perfume on your own skin while buying perfume for yourself rather than borrowing your friend’s arm. To stay on the safe side, you can try tester sheets but for the final choice, try it on your skin to know if you really like it or not.
  • Spray A Little On Your Clothes And Hair: During the summer season, sweating is the biggest killer of the perfume and since it is applied on the skin, there are chances that it will evaporate in no time or flow away with the sweat. Your pores will not be able to hold down the perfume essence. Henceforth, spraying a little perfume on your clothes and hair will help in keeping the fragrance for hours. Just 2 sprays are enough for 5-7 hours even during the summer season.
  • Use Higher Strength: Since during summer season, sweating and maintaining the fragrance for longer hours is not that easy, you cannot make it possible with poor quality perfumes or your deodorant. For this, you need something a bit more strength but not in terms of fragrance but essence. Use perfumes with higher essence such as parfum, Eau de parfum. And eau de toilette. Such fragrances are able to last for 10-12 hours giving you all day freshness. Cascade Eau De Parfum for Men is one such fragrance, which you can try out for lasting scent.

Following these tips will help you in enhancing your fragrance during the summer season. No matter how much you sweat, these tricks are going to help you. Use a good quality fragrance, branded perfumes from top-selling brands and you will never smell bad during the summer season.