Scent Shot – What the Buzz is All About?

For a perfume lover, getting something which is out of this world is a great feeling. Almost everyone who loves to wear a good perfume prefers to have something in their vanity to match all the qualities they seek in a perfect fragrance. However, even with the amazing range available with numerous brands around the globe, finding that one perfect scent which smells amazing, have all the qualities you seek and is available in budget that suits you.

Perfume Scent Shot

Seeing this plight of perfume lovers, Perfume Booth, one of India’s leading fragrance stores has come up with a revolutionary product that will change the way you have been using your perfume. Perfume Scent Shot is a revolution in itself for all the perfume lovers across the globe. It has everything you can ask for in the perfect scent!

What is Scent Shot?

Scent shot is an assortment of international fragrances, which contains 7 international scents from 7 popular brands. You can find perfumes from Lomani, Baugsons, Creation, Mural De Ruitz, MPF, Chris Adams and Louis Cardin in the Scent Shot boxes. Every miniature vial contains about 5 ml of perfume making the pack total about 35 ml, which is quite amazing for such low price. You will get a carry case, instruction guide and 7 perfumes packed in a sleek box. Every vial is sealed with silicon to ensure leakage proof perfume experience in your day to day life.

Why is it so special?

Keeping the needs of the perfume lovers in mind, the makers of Scent shot perfume have tried to incorporate everything in one single box. You get 7 different perfumes, one for each day so it is easy to wear a different fragrance for different moods, moments and occasions. Apart from the perfumes and carry case in a stylish looking box, you will also receive gift vouchers worth Rs. 801 along with every box of Scent Shot. There is one voucher of Rs. 501, which can be used to buy a full sized perfume on discounted prices. You can try out all the perfumes available in the Scent shot pack and choose any perfume that you would like as a signature scent with this 501 voucher.

If you want to keep trying Scent Shot, you can buy refill packs as well trying the same or the other variants of Scent Shot. You can use 3 vouchers worth Rs. 100 each that came with Scent Shot to get flat 100 off on your refill purchase. When you get so much in return on every purchase, the actual cost of the entire Scent shot box comes down to a mere Rs. 98. Isn’t it amazing!

What makes Scent Shot best from the rest?

You might have come across to a wide range of fragrances available in the market, but nothing is like Scent shot. With this amazing product, you have the freedom of using 7 different luxury perfumes at the price of one. You will get various types of perfumes ranging from strong to gentle scents so it is easy to choose one for different moods and occasions.

With Scent Shot you can now carry your perfume anywhere you go. Just slip the miniature vial in the carry case, close the lid and put the carry case in the bag, handbag, clutch bag or your pocket. It is so small that you will hardly notice it until you need it. With small quantity, you can also carry Scent shot box with you on flights as well.

It has all the qualities to be the idol perfume product for your busy day to day life.