Trick To Make Your Perfume Long Lasting In Summer

Smelling great throughout the day is a very difficult task in the summer season. You cannot take bath every couple of hours to get rid of that sweaty smell, which is a huge concern for a lot of people. Even after taking bath, they start giving off a weird smell, not because they didn’t take bath properly but mostly because of their eating habits or any underlying illness. There can be various reasons for the poor smell, but if you want to get rid of it permanently during the summer season, these are the tips that you need to look forward to:

  • Use summer friendly fragrances: This is the best trick to get a long lasting fragrance in the summer months. Since you know every season is suitable for specific notes, you cannot expect spicy notes or warm notes to stay on for long. They will mix with the sweaty smell giving off a very weird fragrance. You need refreshing notes such as floral, fruity, aqua, herbal and citrusy notes in these hot months. Get it in Colour Me EDT Gold Homme 50ml designed for summer season.
  • Apply on clean skin: You need to spray on the perfume on clean skin to make sure it is absorbed well by your skin. When your skin pores are clean and open, they tend to absorb the perfume properly keeping it locked in the skin. It will be released giving off fragrance, lasting longer than usual.
  • Layer with deodorant: You can use a deodorant with similar or same fragrance as of your perfume during summer. Layering the perfume with similar fragrances can enhance its sillage as well as making it last longer than usual. You can but Colour Me Black Perfume for Men and deodorant body spray for men of the same name and stand out among rest with your amazing fragrance.

Buy your favourite summer fragrance checking the notes to make sure it is suitable for the summer months. Visit your favourite online perfume store to get the best deals on perfumes, deodorants, body sprays and body mists for men and women.