Why EDP Is One Of The Most Popular Fragrance Types

EDP PerfumeWhen you see several types of perfumes lying in the fragrance store aisle, it is normal for one to feel confused. Most of the people who are not aware of the difference between two certain types of perfume often make the mistake of getting the inferior quality one or simply rely on what the seller has to say. You need to make selection not just for the scent but also the type of perfume, to achieve that lasting aroma. Henceforth, it is essential to know which type of fragrance is best to spend money on.

What are the types of perfumes available in the market?

The perfume oil is the first kind of perfume created by the perfumers over centuries ago. Perfume essence is extracted from the flowers through steam distillation and mixed with natural oils, making one of the most potent perfumes which can give you a lasting for more than 24 hours. The modern-day attars or ittars are an example of this form.

However, perfume oils are quite expensive due to the limited quantity produced and the time taken to make these scents. It is a very extensive process taking days and sometimes weeks to make small batches of scents. Due to this extensive cost of the perfume, very few were able to enjoy the scents limiting it only for the elites.

For making the perfume available for the masses, and to reduce its price, perfumers all around the world started mixing the perfume essence into a base either of alcohol or water, depending on the type. The kind of modern-day scents we are using is a creation of this revolution. Eau de perfume, Eau de toilette, Eau de cologne, and deodorants are the diverse types available currently, each having a different intensity due to the perfume essence concentration.

Eau de parfum has about 15-20% perfume essence, Eau de toilette contains 5-10%, Eau de cologne has 5%, and deodorants have about 2-5%. This is the reason Eau de colognes and deodorants are so affordable and have such limited lasting.

Why Eau de parfum is considered the best among the rest?

Before buying any perfume, you need to understand that the higher the concentration of the perfume, the longer it will last. EDP perfume contains the highest perfume essence among all the mass-produced scents coming placed right after the Perfume oils in the fragrance meter. It is the best you can get at a lower price while smelling great for hours, sometimes more than 12 hours.

With its strong concentration, you will need just one or two sprays of this perfume to have desired results. Other fragrances may seem strong at first, but after a couple of hours, they start dissipating while the Eau de parfum stays strong for long. This is due to the low concentration of essence and the higher concentration of the alcohol base.

Although the cost of this perfume is a bit on the higher side, the results you get from it makes it feel okay to spend this much. A perfume bottle of EDP can last for more than 3-4 months which is higher as compared to the Eau de toilette or the deodorants that we usually purchase thinking about the lower price.

How to know the type of perfume before purchasing?

You can simply ask the sales representative for the Eau de parfum variants only. This can come in handy if you are purchasing the perfume in the store. However, if you are purchasing the scent online, reading the description and the packaging can be of help. All the brands mention the type of perfume on the packaging for helping the customers. Some of the brands have the same design and packaging for their perfume variants, making it difficult for one to distinguish between the Eau de toilette and the Eau de parfum. Henceforth, reading the description and looking for the packaging is important while searching for the long-lasting perfume.

Tips to use it properly:

If you are not sure how to get the best results out of your Eau de parfum, these tips will help.

  • Spray on the skin and not on clothes. Alcohol base tends to evaporate faster on clothes.
  • Apply the scent on clean and fresh skin allowing it to absorb perfume molecules.
  • Avoid rubbing the perfume after the application. It affects the lasting as well as the aroma.
  • Keep the bottle stored in a dark and cool place. It will protect perfume molecules from damage.

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