Write a New Story With a New Perfume Each Day

Perfumes are old vanity. Use of perfume goes back to the Pare dynastic period of paranoiac Egypt. If you want to know anything more about Cleopatra than her kingdom and treasury, than find her perfume collection in the biggest closet. We don’t know about the process of manufacturing exotic perfumes back in those days as the production of such luxury only belongs to some royal monopoly. They were also used in the luxury banquets back at the times of the Roman history. Beauty of perfume is maintained with the beauty of the crown. Just like the Bouquets of flowers were presented to the gods as gifts, the perfumes are presented to the royals telling their worth and power. The floral essences of the oils present in the perfumes were meant necessary to satisfy the luxury of the royals.

Perfume Selfie

Perfumes still maintains the pride, it is still a luxury element. With the passing time it became a tool to express your love and gratitude. We gift perfumes to the closest people. The perfume bottles maintain the elegance of its customers with their designer unique crystal finished bottles. The perfume industry often comes between fashion and cosmetics. You are not fully dressed until you wear your fragrance. The industry is growing and people are becoming more aware of the importance of smell. It is highly taking Indian markets and more and more companies are coming with new products. We get Sports brands selling their branded range of sporty perfume series.


Just like any other retail digital store, PerfumeBooth an online perfume company also carries the anchor to ship internationally branded perfumes from far away countries like France and UAE. Perfumes are still taken as an expensive luxury affair to own, so perfume booth is bringing its amazing imported fragrances with an affordable price tag. It came with the revolutionary concept of Perfume Selfie that offers its customers 7 popular perfume brands to try in 7 mini tester samples packed in a box called ‘Selfie’. It offers six variants of Selfie, 3 especially designed for men and the other three curetted for females.  The female Selfie range is named as Sophistique, Lurve and Teaze. The kits are designed to suit the modern independent woman and their fragrance preference. Each box consists of fruity, notes of rose, jasmine and soft Vanilla, it suits any occasion. The fragrances are from the international Brands like Creation, Emper, Lomani, My Perfume, Maryaj, Louis Cardin, Chris Adams and many more. You get a wide range of variety in each perfume box.

The male store comes with a variety of Wlyd, Mazculine and Cazanova. The company sells EDP and EDT range of perfumes. You get original reputed perfume brands like English Blazer, Louis Cardin, Lomani, and Chris Adams at one place. Each tester is a new note. The men’s collection aims deep aromatic aqua freshness that is long lasting and strong.


PerfumeBooth wants its customers to celebrate each day with the same romance as their special day. It wishes to bring down that margin between everyday deodorants and special purposed perfumes. The star product consists of seven testers each of 4ml international perfume, a classy carry case, a coupon code of Rs 501, a user manual and a guide. The company aims to sell quality product with doorstep delivery service. You get to choose from the best perfume brands and a product of your choice. The smell of a perfume might change after few hours of application because of the top and bottom notes that fades away smoothly. But the perfume booth’s Perfume collections are designed to stay for at least six to eight hrs. It is tested to be skin friendly and to remain a soothing affect after application.

The concept is designed in such a way that perfumes not only find a way during the fancy dinner and date nights rather in everyday routine also. A perfume is the accessory that beautifies your grace. It brings out the elegance within you and locks down the memories that you get with each bottle of the tester series.